By Rev. Dean Beaty  4/06/08


Noah heard God say one day, “You need to build a boat.”

“Build it out of gopher wood and pitch it so it’ll float.”

“My Spirit shall not always strive with man.” Sin was very great.

God was sick of evil men and now it was too late.


Just Noah and his own three sons, their wives and that made eight.

That’s all the human race God spared, the rest He would liquidate.

For at least one hundred years Noah preached God’s righteousness.

And God rewarded Noah’s clan for their faithfulness.


He took the animals two by two and put them in their stall,

And some food for many weeks, enough to feed them all.

Then one day the rain began and the fountains of the deep.

All those on the outside died but Noah God did keep.


For forty days and forty nights it more than rained, it poured.

But Noah’s family was safe and dry for they obeyed the Lord.

When the water went away God gave a sign on high.

To show this would not come again, God put a rainbow in the sky.