I Corinthians 15:55   By Rev. Dean  Beaty  10/1/06
Lord, I have no fear, Thy nail scarred hand to take.
For Thou hast promised me, that Thou wilt not forsake.
What is there Lord to fear, when walking by Thy side.
For Thou art ever near, my ever present guide.
Thou knowest what’s ahead, which I cannot now see.
So in Thy wisdom Lord, I ever trust in Thee.
Nothing in this life is ever by mistake.
So upon this truth, my future I will stake.
He gives to me His peace and also helps me stand.
And so my life is held within His loving hand.
My Father has control and knows what’s best for me.
Whether here on earth or in eternity.
May God’s peace be seen, which dwells within my heart.
That I am ready Lord, this life and earth depart.
May others see in me, God’s purpose and His plan.
That I have faith in God, He ever holds my hand.
Though death is part of life, it cannot hurt me here.
For I have faith in God and He casts out all fear.
“O death, where is thy sting or grave thy victory?”
For Jesus Christ my Lord won all on Calvary.