By  Rev. Dean Beaty   8/17/03


Consider the beauty we find in the lilies,

They’re clothed by the Father above.

The glory of Solomon could not match these.

Yet we are His object of love.


If God clothes the lilies that soon pass away,

Then why should we worry or fret?

For God knows the trials we’re facing today.

His promise has never failed yet.


Consider the lilies that grow in the field,

For they toil not, nor do they spin.

If we will but trust Him, surrender and yield;

The vict’ry He’ll help us to win.



O ye of little faith trust in my care.

You’re held secure in my hand.

If you will let me, your burdens I’ll bare.

I help the weary to stand.

O ye of little faith trust in my care.

I gave my life for your soul.

Casting your cares on me, bring them in prayer.

You’ll find that I’m in control.