By  Dean  Beaty     11/23/07
Oh thank the Lord, for He is good.
Thank Him again for the bounty of food.
Thank Him ye saints and cherubim.
All praise and honor is due unto Him,
Oh thank the Lord for He is love.
He left the joys of heaven above.
Coming to earth to die for our sin.
Giving new life to those born again.
Oh thank the Lord for His sacrifice.
Dying for sin, how great was the price!
Rising again to prove He is LORD.
Oh may He ever be loved and adored.
Oh thank the Lord He’s the same evermore.
Yesterday, today this truth He foreswore.
He is triumphant over the tomb,
Saving His own from eternal doom.
Oh thank the Lord He’s coming again.
No more corruption for this mortal skin.
No more tears, they’re all wiped away.
Oh what a happy and glorious day!