By  Dean Beaty  8/18/07


How many times Iíve asked myself,

Why have I been put here on this shelf?

Once in a rush to get things done,

Now I just wait the cool setting sun.

I took delight in doing for you.

Now Itís your turn to see us on through.

My turn was youthful and full of life.

Yours is old age, to be the strong wife.

To say ďThank youĒ isnít enough,

To bear with me and all of my guff.

I know itís hard to do your part.

I love you so, with all of my heart.

All in a day things turned around.

Now by Godís grace, strength will be found.

Itís hard to put my love into words.

To thank you for your patience endured.

But just to say, with all of my heart.

Nothing but death will cause us to part.