By  “Papaw” Dean Beaty   2/18/07

(While Hunter was at deaths door)


For a little boy who is four years old.

He has suffered more, but most is untold.

This is very strange and I don’t know why.

I have never seen little Hunter cry.


“Hasn’t he fallen and then scrapped his knee?”

No, he cannot stand and he cannot see.

So he never runs, though he’d love to try.

He’s a special child, but he does not cry.


He has had his shots and the pain is there.

For unknown reasons he’s able to bare.

Maybe so mommy isn’t hurt it’s why,

He just does not scream and he does not cry.


When he was little he’d jump on my knee,

And smile with delight and laugh with such glee.

But then it all changed and no one knows why.

He still has his smile but he just doesn’t cry.


It’s not to imply that he’s never sad.

But he is so good, he couldn’t be bad.

But we’ve all seen this, a tear in his eye,

But not a whimper and never a cry.


I know that someday, God wipes away tears.

They’ll all then be gone, all sorrows and fears.

But for our Hunter, our God fortified.

That while in this life, he just doesn’t cry.