Acts 9:1-20

By Rev. Dean Beaty   4/2/08


Saul was on the road one day to put Christians into jail.

God stopped him with a beam of light so he would not prevail.

In his blinded, humbled state, God asked him with a plea,

“Saul, Saul,” He listened close, “Why persecutest thou Me?”


Saul answered with a question that cannot be ignored.

He truly wanted to know, “Just who art Thou, Lord?”

“I am Jesus whom thou persecute.  You’re kicking ‘gainst the pricks.”

It was time Saul turned around and changed his politics.


God had in mind a purpose and Saul would see it though.

“Lord,” Saul pleaded eagerly, “What wilt Thou have me do?”

The Lord gave him instructions, for three days he couldn’t see.

When it was all over, Saul preached Christianity.


His name was changed to Paul, a great servant of the Lord.

Those who read his letters, by them he is adored.

If God can take a Saul and change him into Paul,

Think what God could do with those, who give to God their all.