Or  ďMy grace is sufficient for theeĒ

By Rev. Dean  Beaty   3/5/08


Paul was greatly honored with rich blessings from the Lord.

Perhaps no other apostle had Godís Spirit more outpoured.

But this could be a problem and for most itís hard to hide.

It might cause this great servant to be swallowed up with pride.


In second Corinthians chapter twelve, a great event took place.

Paul was given a vision where he saw Christ face to face.

No other one before him and for sure that no one since,

Has ever had the privilege of a blessing so immense.*


Do you see the problem that this privilege might bring?

He could brag to others and strut just like a king.

But Godís so wise in all His ways, to keep down foolish pride,

He gave to Paul another gift, a thorn deep in his side.


Paul could have gripped forever Ďbout this uncommon gift.

In fact with many others, twixt the Lord it caused a rift.

Though Paul was merely human, only three times did he pray,

For God to reconsider it and take this gift away.


In this Paul learned a lesson.  Itís one we must embrace.

God still loved his servant and would deal with him in grace.

God needs no manís strength, could our weakness set God free?

To teach this vital lesson, ďMy grace is sufficient for thee?Ē


*except for Johnís vision on the isle of Patmos.