By  Rev. Dean  Beaty   3/11/08


When Jesus ate with sinners the Pharisees were aghast.

Of all mankind with whom to eat, the publicans would be last.

    Why they were sinners!  Doesnít He know?  What is He thinking of?   

But Jesus came to seek the lost, showing sinners of His love.


So Jesus told them three short plots, to show they were undone.

Each story dealt with something lost, a sheep, a coin, a son.

Each one important to someone and yet the thing was lost.

Each one would go to any lengths, despite what it might cost.


We have been lost from Godís great fold.  He seeks us where we roam.

God gave His Son to die for sin that He might bring us home.

He came, redemption price to pay to save from awful loss.

This is the message of Godís love, the message of the cross.


Will you accept this gift of God, since for your sins He died?

Or will it be in vain for you, that Christ was crucified?

Such love was never seen before nor will be seen again.

The sinless Lamb of God was given to die for sinful men.