By Rev. Dean Beaty  8/29/04


Oh God, Thou art my God while life shall last.

The trials that I face will soon be past.

Because I am upheld by Thy right hand,

I know, before Thy face someday Iíll stand.


When I remember Thee upon my bed,

Recalling all the ways that Thou hast led,

My soul is satisfied as from Thy hand,

As Iím refreshed when in a thirsty land.


To see Thy power and glory on display,

Within the sanctuary on Thy day.

Because Thy loving kindness is so great,

My lips shall praise Thee always in the gate.


With joyful heart I bless Thee while I live.

Iíll lift my hands and praises I will give.

For Thou has been my help and my first choice.

In the shadow of thy wings will I rejoice.