By  Rev. Dean Beaty   4/18/08


How do we deal with the talents Godís given?

First and foremost that it blesses Heaven.

Not wasted or squandered, not used just for fun.

But given so God will say ďWell done, my sonĒ


Used in a way that will benefit Godís cause,

But never for self or to gain menís applause.

Thereís a fine line of knowing that you have done well,

To letting your ego and pride start to swell.


Thereís coming a day when our works face the test,

To see if they were good, better or best.

Wood, hay and stubble will not gain Godís praise,

But gold, silver, precious stones last through the blaze.


Seek thus to live so that your works will last,

Till at His feet our crowns will be cast.

Help me, dear Lord, to give only to Thee,

That Thy name be praised for eternity.