By   Rev. Dean Beaty  10/24/04


Do I know the purpose God has placed me on the earth?

Do I know the reason God has given men new birth?
Do I know that God is with me, always everyday.

In His word I learn to know, the Truth, the Life, the Way.


Does my faith in God empower me to do what is right?

Do I trust His Spirit to endue me with His might?

Do I have assurance that His love will never fail?

As I see in Jonah, when swallowed by the whale.


Will I stand in courage when Iím tested to do wrong?

Will I stand up tall and straight with courage that is strong?

Will I trust His faithfulness to guide me to the end?

Do I know that He will always be my faithful friend?


Do I know success will come, delighting in Godís word?

He will help me stand in Him, of this I am assured.