By Dean Beaty   9/11/02


Astonishment falls short to tell the anguish that we felt.

As one by one those towers fell and hearts began to melt.

Our tears fell freely as we saw this tragedy unfold.

The sorrow in the lives it touched cannot be fully told.


A year has passed since first we heard the horrors of that day,

That put our nation on its knees as we began to pray.

Those who seldom thought of God, were often seen in prayer

And being seen in humble pose, now they did not care.

As weeks went by the churches filled with worshipers galore.

Who came to seek the reason for this misery and horror.

But as time passed and life went on, their prayer did not remain.

Their fervor and religious zeal, too soon began to wane.


“One nation under God”, so blessed, for He has been our hedge.

Was soon forgotten and some sought to strike it from our pledge.

For passion caused by tragedy, is very hard to hold,

And men forget and go their way, with hearts that soon grow cold.


Oh Lord, may we not turn from thee, as many have this year.

But may our hearts, with love renewed, find peace as we draw near.

Our only hope is in Thy power, to guide us and sustain,

One nation truly under God, as in our hearts you reign.