By Rev. Dean Beaty  3/12/06


The Lord has warned us all, remember Lot’s dear wife.

The time in which she lived was filled with sin and strife.

Men lived lives as they pleased but not to please the Lord.

They chose a style of life the Lord said He abhorred.


The Lord had given warning that judgment’s on its way.

Man cannot live in sin, expecting not to pay.

And as the angels led this foursome from that place,

The Lord had warned them all, not to turn their face.


But remember Mrs. Lot, who turned to look again.

She had grown accustom to living with their sin.

And so she turned to look, “surely there’s no fault.”

And God, true to His word, made her a block of salt.


When God says “this is so.” and makes it plain and clear.

A warning such as this we better hold to dear.

Remember Mrs. Lot, when living close to sin.

Keep your garments spotless and don’t accept their sin.