James 4:7

By Rev. Dean Beaty   4/8/08


ďResist the devil, and he will flee.Ē

This is important for victory.

When Satan tempts, donít just give in.

Fight against him if you would win.


Satan is strong, of that thereís no doubt.

And he is sly, we had better watch out.

Heís able to deceive with his great power.

Heís called a lion and some heíll devour.


Omnipotent?  No! not in the least.

Thatís only Christ and Heís our high priest.

Victory comes through Jesus alone.

He conquered death and sits by Godís throne.


Put on the armor of God for each day.

This is the means to chase Satan away.

The Sword of the Spirit is Godís written Word.

With it youíll win the Lord has assured.


Godís written word is like atom bombs.

Christ fought temptation quoting the Psalms.

But it must be hid deep in the heart.

Memorize scripture, thatís where you start.