Acts 12

By Rev. Dean Beaty  4/1/08


Peter was in prison, bound with chains to a big guard.

An angel came to let him out, so the chains he did discard.

At that very moment there was prayer for his release.

Godís answer to their asking surely did their faith increase.


When Peter reached their house and knocked upon the door.

Rhoda went to answer it as she had done before.

When she saw him standing there, she ran to tell the group.

Excited by this miracle, she left Peter on the stoop.


The people said ďYouíre mad,  itís his angel that you saw.Ē

We know that he canít be outside, heís imprisoned by the law.Ē

Hereís a vital question.  Was faith behind their prayers?

Or did God send him an angel, just to show how much He cares?


Sometimes we pray like they did, somewhat short on our belief.

But God in love still answers and comes to our relief.

Prayer is still important even when our faith is small.

Cast your cares upon Him.  He will listen when you call.