Judges 21:25

By Rev. Dean Beaty   4/10/08


ďEvery man did that which was right in his own eyes.Ē

This is true of men today.  The truth of this applies.

No matter if the truth is bent, thatís how the thing we see.

We justify the paths we choose, till it fits us to a ďTĒ.


How we see it and how it is may be a ways apart.

But if it is the thing we want, itsí okay in our heart.

If I say the thing is right, who are you to judge?

Iíll do and be what I desire and never think to budge.


But there are truths that God has made that do not change with time.

Theft is sin, itís wrong to lie and murder is a crime.

And on and on Godís truth still stands.  Forever itís the same.

If you go against Godís word, it will bring you to great shame.


Just because Godís Word was written many years ago,

Doesnít mean itís not still true.  ďWe reap just what we sow.Ē

The relevance of our God today, we need not compromise.

It is not right just because itís okay in OUR eyes.