By Rev. Dean  Beaty  2/22/08 


Oh Samson looked like other men, except his hair was long.

It was a sign of Samson’s vow, and God would make him strong.

But Samson had a weakness that muscles could not win.

He couldn’t say no to women, for that takes discipline.


Delilah whined and begged him so, and finally he gave in.

“Just cut my hair and I will be as weak as any men.”

So as he slept  upon her lap, she shaved his hair off clean.

They bound his hands, poked out his eyes.  This was an awful scene.


And as a slave, he ground their grain, and they looked on in glee.

They robbed him of his place with God and of his liberty.

But then his hair began to grow.  His strength had come anew.

And he would fight the fight again and God would see him through.


His captures made a feast one day.  They gathered by the hoards.

They thought that he was not a threat.  His hands were bound with cords.

He asked a lad to guide his hands and placed them on the post.

He prayed to God, “Avenge my eyes.”  This day he killed the most.


This enemy had robbed and plagued the children of the Lord.

But now their reign of terror was through.  They got their just reward.

Though Samson had a weakness, God used this humbled man.

And He’ll use you, if you will bow to God and His great plan.