Daniel 3

By Rev. Dean Beaty   4/15/08


Nebuchadnezzar was puffed with pride,

Till all the people were terrified.

But three young men you will recall,

Were not afraid to stand up tall.


“When you hear the music play,”

“Bow down to me, to me you pray.”

But his goal was slightly flawed.

It was against the Hebrew’s God.


“Do what you will, oh mighty king,”

“But we’ll not do this wicked thing.”

“Jehovah God is who we serve.”

“And from His law we will not swerve.”


“One more chance is all I’ll give,”

“Bow down to me or you won’t live.”

Into the furnace they cast them bound.

“No more of them will e’er be found.”


“But look they’re loose in their attire!”

“And one is with them in the fire.”

So here’s a lesson we must learn.

They did not bow and could not burn.