Numbers 32:23  By Rev. Dean Beaty   3/31/08


Hereís a verse seldom preached about,

ďBe sure your sins will find you out.Ē

Men today donít believe Godís word.

In this sad choice theyíve greatly erred.


About Godís love is all they teach.

ďHell is just a figure of speech.Ē

ďDonít pollute out mother earth.Ē

Missing truths of eternal worth.


God hates sin the bible says.

That hasnít changed or become less.

Sinís curse brought death upon all men

Thus Jesus died to cleanse for sin.


The price God gave to pay for sin,

Is the place we must begin.

If sinís not so bad, Iíll ask you why.

Our Savior came and had to die?