John 12:20-23    By  Dean  Beaty    3/2/08
What is the goal of our worship in church?
It is the same as the Greeks in their search.
They came to Philip and this they desired.
“We would see Jesus,” to this they aspired.
If in the songs and the sermons we hear,
It is not Jesus our Lord who’s made clear.
Then what is the purpose and what is our gain.
Our time is wasted and our worship is vain.
Tell me of Jesus, God’s great gift of love,
How He left heaven and His Father above,
Men’s hearts are hungry like this ancient Greek.
That’s what men long for and that’s what they seek.
In John 12:23 the answer I spied,
“That the Son of Man should be glorified.”
If the Father and Jesus are not glorified,
What else in this world should a church then provide.
What is the gospel?  It’s the message that we preach!
It’s the “Good News,”   With it we beseech.
The Good News is this, here’s what I find.
God’s great gift of love through His Son to mankind.