By Rev. Dean Beaty   4/5/08


Solomon was the wisest king that Israel ever had.

Though so wise he made an error and it was really bad.

He chose to marry many wives.  His choice was very flawed.

His wives did not fear the Lord and turned his heart from God.


He allowed each one to have their gods of gold and stone.

Before long so many gods replaced his very own.

Not only did it turn his heart away from what God planned.

Idol worship began to spread all across the land.


How could one so wise as he end up in such a hole?

He failed to live by what he wrote.  He failed in self-control.

He preached the truth and wrote it down. His wisdom is still sought.

But when it came to doing it, he didnít do what he had taught.


To know the truth is not enough.  We must do it every day.

It is good to know Godís word, but better to obey.

Solomon reigned for forty years.  At the end he made this plea.

All is empty, void of worth for, ďall is vanity.Ē