By Rev. Dean  Beaty   3/19/06
If I love the hymns of faith and from my lips theyíre sung
And give my body to be burned but bridle not my tongue.
Then from the fountain of my mouth comes that which cannot be.   Words that seem like honey, yet bitter as the sea.
Sweet and bitter as the same, from one source cannot come.
If my words are both of these, then please Lord, strike me dumb.
One of these then must be false.  They cannot both be true.
If I would teach the word of God, my words must come from You.
The tongue may be a little thing compared to all the rest.
But when it comes to murder, this weapon is the best.
It can cause a thousand wounds from just one word thatís said.
And faster than a bullet, oneís character is dead.
Sowing discord is a sin.  Itís hated by Godís heart.
It causes such divisions, that even best friends part.
May my words be ever sweet and glorify the Lord
Showing forth the heart of God, as from His fount outpoured.