By Dean Beaty     3/11/08


We have a dog named Tessa.  His father was a bat.

She runs into most everything.  She can’t see this or that.

She’s a happy one year old, as happy as can be.

But be careful on a walk, or she’ll run into a tree.


Surely this rare handicap is hard on her poor nose.

She needs a seeing-eye dog, that’s what I purpose. 

But Eric doesn’t seem to mind.  She still will chase a ball.

If it smells she’ll bring it back, if he doesn’t hit a wall.


There’s nothing quite so funny as a boy and his blind dog.

But there’s one thing he’s good at, he can guide you through a fog.

When they take her on a walk she guards them all the way.

Since no one knows that she is blind, she still can earn her pay.


Eric is her new best friend, to see them is a thrill.

As her seeing-eye boy, he is learning a new skill.

Although she is sight challenged, she’s better than a frog.

For with her nose and ears alert, she’s still a good watchdog.