By  Dean Beaty  6/30/03

(Patriotic Song)


Sometimes God uses conflict. Sometimes itís poverty,

To move men from their comfort, to search for liberty.

Allowing persecution, no future they could see.

They left their native homeland so they could worship free.



Thank God for men of vision who look beyond today.

Who look to God for wisdom to guide them in the way.

We follow in their footsteps, a cause for which to die.

So may we seek to please Thee and hold Thy standard high.


Some gave their blood and fortunes to shape this mighty land.

But there are men of evil whoíd take it from our hand.

They love not God nor country.  They hate our liberty.                                    

Keep us strong to fight this wrong.  We pray Lord, keep us free.


There are wrongs that we must right, if Godís to bless our land.

There are truths from Godís own word, on these truths we must stand.

God canít bless unrighteousness.  From sin Lord set us free.

That we may preach the gospel, ďTo set the captive free.Ē