By  Dean Beaty  10/7/02
Please donít think that I am cruel for what I am to say.
Iím thankful for the crown of thorns as on His brow they lay.
I am thankful for the Roman nails that pierced His hands and feet.
For all the hate of cruel men, could not Godís plan defeat.
Each act of vicious hatred; the scourge that tore His back,
None of these could stop Him.  Nor from His work detract
He set His face toward Calvary, Godís will He would fulfill.
Though falling Ďneath the heavy cross, He stumbled up the hill.
Each time they smote the Savior or spit upon His face.
Or when they bowed before Him and mocked Him in disgrace.
These added to the total gift, of love beyond degree.
Each one showed forth the fullness of Christís great love for me.
The sum of all His suffering, much more than we can know,
Is given as His wondrous gift; the love of God to show.
Iím thankful for Godís love for man as shown on Calvary,
The love that sent Godís Son to earth, to die for you and me.