By  Dean  Beaty  11/12/06
In giving thanksgiving, where do I start
To speak of the gratitude that fills all my heart?
To thank my great Savior, thatís at the top.
So much He has done, thereís no place to stop
The love He has given, His death on the cross.
All menís great eloquence would be at a loss.
But this I can mention, then Iíll move on.
He bore my iniquity, my sins are all gone.
But then thereís my family and first comes my wife.
She gives of her loveliness that brightens my life.
And then comes the children, three lovely girls,
Mom made them beautiful, with long bouncy curls.
Not to be forgotten, the grandkids come next.
So much fun to spoil, their parents to vex.
Thatís why God gave them, so weíll do our part.
We know you donít mind.  Theyíre close to our heart.
So much to thank God for, weíve reason to praise,
Giving the Lord thanksgiving in all of our days.
I Thank Thee for everything from Thy gracious hand.
All things so bountiful, wonderful and grand.