Revelation 12:10 & I John 2:1

By Rev. Dean Beaty   4/23/08


We have a foe that hates our soul and knows our every sin.

Christian, beware for he is “The accuser of the brethren.”

He goes before our God on high and points out every flaw.

And he knows us very well and also knows the law.


As “The accuser of the brethren,” he’s refined it to an art.

He loves his job because he knows it breaks the Father’s heart.

It’s not as though God does not know we fail to resist.

But Satan likes to take the knife and give the blade a twist.


Praise the Lord I’m not alone.  I have an Advocate.

He stands before the Father’s throne and joins the great debate.

Christ opens up His wounded hands and points down to His feet.

“This man’s penalty has been paid and therefore is complete.”


“Case dismissed,” the Father says and Satan leaves the room.

He was defeated long ago.  The proof’s the empty tomb.

The accuser of the brethren will come back again.

My Advocate will still be there.  He’s paid for all my sin.