By  Dean  Beaty  3/7/08
One of the soldiers that stood near the cross,
Who witnessed this scene of anguish and loss.
Was clearly effected by what our Lord said.
Made a pronouncement when Jesus was dead.
As a centurion, he had seen cruelty.
But never like this one, they hung on the tree.
He had seen all, therefore this was his laud.
“Truly this man was the Son of God!”
What are your thoughts?  Was He really God?
Was He an imposter, a fake and a fraud?
Whichever you choose, decides the decree,
Of where you will live through eternity.
Jesus left heaven to die for our sin.
There’s no greater love that mankind could win.
Trust Him by faith, confessing your shame.
Rejecting all pride and call on His name.