By Rev. Dean  Beaty  2/27/08

Just a few days had past since palm branches they cast,
     To the shouts of Hosanna and praise.
But just like we all know, how a crowd can change so,
     And it took just a couple of days.
They had called Him their King and their voices did ring.
     But now hatred was filled to the brim.
He was wearing a crown made of thorns and pressed down,
     To a new cry of, “Crucify Him.”
As they beat Him with whips, curses came from their lips.
     But Jesus did not say a word.
Pilot tried to appease and he sought His release.
     But a cry for Barabbas was heard.
So they took Him away and a cross they did lay,
     On His back, to Mt. Calvary’s hill.
To the cross He would plod, even though He was God.
     But the mob’s thoughts were only to kill.
With His hands nailed down and the crowd gathered round,
     He asked God to forgive them their sin.
With His love shining through, “They know not what they do.”
     There he suffered, salvation to win.
The sky was turned black and the crowd staggered back,
     As the earth shook in awe of that view.
For the Savior had died, for man’s sin crucified,
     To make a full pardon for you.    
And His mercy and grace for the whole human race,
     Is an offer you cannot refuse.
You can lose all sin’s dross through the blood of the cross,
     If by faith His redemption you choose.