By  Rev. Dean  Beaty   3/16/08
In amazement and wonder, all there were awed.
They had just witnessed the death of God.
However, this was Godís eternal plan.
To give His own Son, very God as a man
Hanging on the cross of Calvary that day,
Was not a mere man that just passed away.
Dying as a man and no less as God,
Let all of mankind and angels now laud.
Taking human flesh a child had been born.
His blood would be shed and our sins be borne.
If God had not died on that cruel cross,
We would be in our sin and eternal loss.
God paid for our sins the ultimate price.
He died on the cross as our sacrifice.
But Jesus, as God, could never stay dead.
He rose from the grave just as He had said.
Oh, foolish Satan, he thought he had won.
Sanctification had only begun.
Christís resurrection proved Satan a fraud.
Jesus is risen to the right hand of God.