By  Rev. Dean  Beaty   3/10/08
Before Jesus rose the third day from the tomb.
His disciples hid, in failure and gloom.
Jesus, they hoped, was the Messiah and King.
Greatness to Israel, once more He would bring.
Fear gripped their hearts, their leader had died.
They might be the next the mob crucified.
The crowds thirst for blood was easily stirred.
To give up their dream, they all now concurred.
But when Jesus arose, their fears quickly fled.
They preached with great boldness, He rose from the dead!
Within a few years the gospel was preached,
To the known world, thats how far they reached.
They were now willing to suffer and die,
To tell that the Savior had risen on high,
They all died as martyrs,* not fearing this doom,
So all men might know Christ rose from the tomb.
*According to tradition, the Apostle John died of old age, exiled to the isle of Patmos.