By Rev. Dean Beaty   3/4/08


Perhaps the greatest Bible verse is St. John 3:16.

The most amazing view of God that man has ever seen.

It tells us of His sacrifice because He loved us so.

It is the greatest news to man that we will ever know.


Telling how God sent to us, His only begotten Son.

By receiving God’s great gift, salvation’s work is done.

There is a final truth revealed, ‘twill end all fear and strife.

“Whosoever believeth in Him… has everlasting life.”


Do you know a greater truth?  Eternal life is free!

And by our faith in Christ alone, we’ll live eternally.

That is the message of God’s word, the good news that we’ve preached.

It is our job to spread the news till every man is reached.


There is one part that I’ve left out.  You must know this part too.

“Shall not perish,” is the phrase and the opposite is true.

Those who fail to trust God’s Son will stand condemned someday.

To perish or not, the choice is yours, so please do not delay.