By  Dean  Beaty   2/29/08
Weíre called to be a lighthouse, along some rock strewn bay.
Helping guide some traveler safely on his way.
What greater task on earth, to help a wandering one.
Trusting that on Godís great love, heíll call before lifeís done.
Donít be a faulty lighthouse, whose light shines now and then.
To shine your light full faithfully will take some discipline.
With Godís help and guidance, your beacon will not fail.
In keeping others off the rocks, we surely will prevail.
Jesus is our lighthouse along the narrow road.
He strengthens, guides and cheers, and helps us with our load.
His light is never failing, though storms at Him are hurled.
We trust in Him because He is the true ďLight of the World.Ē