By Rev. Dean  Beaty  2/25/08


He only had just two small fish and five loaves in his lunch.

But how would they begin to feed this ravished hungry bunch.

Just as he gave them to the Lord a miracle took place,

Christ gave them food, yet more appeared as though from empty space.


There were five thousand in that place, yet everyone did eat.

I wonder what the Lord could do with our own bread and meat.

It seems so small to offer Him.  Itís hardly worth the while.

But any gift you give to God, for sure He wonít revile.


The gifts you have may seem so small.  Your talents seem so few.

But when you give them to the Lord Heíll multiply them too.

And as the lunch the boy gave, blessed thousand on that day,

Like wind born seed your gifts will spread both near and far away.