Acts 26:16  By Rev. Dean Beaty

The Lord has a purpose laid out for each man

Before the creation, the Lord had a plan.
He keeps it a secret, to no one it’s shown.
But when He is ready, He makes His will known.
It’s seen in the calling of one man named Saul.
The Lord had a purpose and renamed him Paul.
“For unto the gentiles, the gospel you’ll take.
Now you are my witness, new converts to make.”
Was Paul so much different than men of today?
The Lord has a purpose to show men “the way.”
So what is your calling, His plan to fulfill?
No doubt He will show it, if His is your will.
No substitute soldier can fight in your place.
No substitute runner can run in your race.
The Lord has a purpose, your life He must use.
For there’s not another to walk in your shoes.