The Mixed-Up Pollywog

Genesis 1

By Rev. Dean Beaty    5/6/08


When I was a pollywog just swimming in the sea.

I said, ďI need a little foot.Ē  So I grew one up on me.

ďBut wait a minute, donít grow there.  Iíd be walking on my head.Ē

Oops, I didnít specify, so it grew up front instead.


Oh well, Iíll make the best of it.  Iíll call the thing an arm.

What if the other woggies laugh, words can do no harm?

Next, because itís cold out here, Iíll grow myself some hair.

With three more things just like the first, Iíll become a bear.


You say, ďOh foolish pollywog something sure sounds wrong.

Besides it takes a million years and you wonít last that long.

Thatís just the way it all took place.  I know how strange it seems.

And that is what professors teach.  They saw it in their dreams.


ďAnd God said, ďLet the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind.Ē

Genesis 1:24