Matthew  7:13-14

By Rev. Dean  Beaty   2/22/08


Each man must choose a path to walk.  There’s only two they say.

The Lord calls us to walk with Him upon the narrow way.

There is a toll to enter in.  Praise God that toll’s been paid.

‘Twas paid by Christ upon the cross.  My sins on Him were laid.


The other way that men may choose, is on the path called broad.

But in the end that way will loose.  It does not lead to God.

There is no fee to enter there.  The toll comes at the end.

It will cost your living soul.  More than you’ll care to spend.


   The path is broad and made that way to carry all one’s load.

The weight of sin is always there upon this big broad road.

There’s plenty room for pleasure there and the pursuit of gain.

But in the end there’s poverty.  This choice is most insane.


“There is a way that seemeth right.”  We’re born that way to take.

But there’s a perfect way to go to God, make no mistake.

It is the only way to God, through Christ on Calvary.

So choose the blood stained narrow way, Christ paved for you and me.