The Necessity of God's Word

Romans 10:14

By Rev. Dean Beaty    5/23/08


The scriptures tell us plainly, that the lost are blind in sin.

Groping on their darkened path they cannot enter in.

God has given us the job to lead them to the light.

There isnít any other way their hearts can be made right.


No one ever came to Christ just looking in the sky.

Someone had to give Godís Word, as they passed them by.

It may have been the spoken word or written in a book.

Godís Wordís the light that shows the way, this do not overlook.


Men are always used of God to lead the lost to Him.

Itís our responsibility if they sink or swim.

ďHow shall they believe on Him of whom the have not heard.Ē

We are thus accountable to give to them Godís Word.