By Rev. Dean Beaty 6/13/04

No night like this had ever been,

As men were punished for their sin.
For this would be a night of horror,
If thereís no blood upon the door.
God had made His message clear,
If they obeyed, no need to fear.
Their firstborn son would be okay.
Just hear Godís word and then obey.
Just take a lamb from out your lot,
A perfect lamb without a spot,
Then keep it up until I say,
And kill it on a certain day.
Catch the blood within a pan,
And then with hyssop in your hand,
Sprinkle the blood on post and beam.
For by this deed your faith is seen.
Then when the night had come at last,
Throughout the land Godís angel past.
And where the blood had been applied,
All were safe who lived inside.
For life is found within the blood.
That keeps us from Godís judgment flood.
For us the blood is from Godís Lamb.
To us He is the great I AM.
God shed Christís blood on Calvary,
To redeem men and set them free.
If you would stand on Heavenís shore,

Apply the blood to your heartís door