By Rev. Dean Beaty  2/22/08


The prodigal took an unwise step to leave his fatherís home.

His fatherís love was not enough so he began to roam.

It wasnít long till all was gone and with the pigs he ate.

But just in time he saw himself before it was too late.


His fatherís house had warmth and food and he had neither one.

His clothes were rags, his money gone and so he headed home.

All the pride that once was his.  Itís time now to eat crow.

Iíll face my dad and hear him say, ďDid not I tell you so?Ē


But as he walked that lonely path devoid of pride and charms,

His father ran to meet the boy with joyful open arms.

There was no, ďI told you so.Ē  No beating with a staff.

ďMy sonís come home, letís celebrate and kill the fatted calf.Ē


He could have stayed there with the pigs fearing the fatherís wrath.

But he recalled his fatherís house and took the homeward path.

If you have wandered far from God, recall how God loves you.

And you will find His arms spread wide. So bid the pigs ado.