By Rev. Dean Beaty    5/1/08


The greatest word of all is just four letters long.

LOVE is the heart of God and almost every song.

The second greatest word is twice as long and more.

WHOSOEVER is the call that brings us to Godís door.


The love of God in Christ allows the soul to choose.

Without whosoever some of us might lose.

The love of God to man sends out the invitation.

Without whosoever there is a limitation.


Some might argue GRACE is the second greatest word.

Grace is God in action till every man has heard.

Amazing grace of God, oh yes how sweet the sound,

Without whosoever I might never have been found.


Whosoever includes me.  Whosoever includes all.

Whosoever guarantees that all can hear Godís call.

And yet itís up to you what you do with Godís great grace.

If you neglect Godís call you will never see His face.