By Rev. Dean Beaty   3/3/08


What’s it like to be a soul that’s always on a quest.

Always seeking something new, not finding what is best.

Their soul is lacking the one thing to give them full increase.

They have not learned that this is found in God’s own Prince of Peace.


Jesus said, “Come unto me and I will give you rest.”

And He will fill the empty void that’s deep within your breast.

The soul God made and gave to man, is empty without Him.

But if you’ll seek Him you will find He’ll fill it to the brim.


Why waste your time on other things that never satisfy.

Ask Jesus in and you will find treasures gold cannot buy.

His love comes from His sacrifice, no greater gift e’er given.

This is yours in knowing that your home’s with Him in heaven.


The world may offer many things.  They all come to an end.

But you can have the Prince of Peace to be your constant friend.

“I will never leave you, nor forsake you.” Jesus said.

And when life’s through, just like Himself, He’ll raise you from the dead.


This is the peace that you can have by trusting in His Word.

Isn’t this the greatest news that you have ever heard.

Just bow your head and humbly ask the Savior to come in.

And He will fill your soul with peace by cleansing you from sin.