The Shepherd and His Sheep

By Rev. Dean Beaty   2/29/08


Have you seen a shepherd as he guards and guides his sheep?

It is his whole purpose, their security to keep.

If he has a hundred, as he starts out on his way,

Then he must have a hundred, at the end of day.


The Savior is our Shepherd.  He calls us by our name.

To bring us safe to heaven, is His final aim.

But there are many lessons to learn along life’s way.

In tenderness He teaches, because we tend to stray.


What makes us prone to wander?  Something strange within?

Maybe it’s more sinister, like plain old fashion sin.

The more we know the Shepherd and His tender care,

The closer we stay to Him though fellowship in prayer.


If you’ve not found the Shepherd to be this caring one,

Then your walk with Jesus has really not begun.

The closer you walk with Him, the more you’ll know His care.

The burden on your shoulders, He will help you bare.

I Peter 5:7  “Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.”