By  Rev. Dean Beaty  3/21/08
On the subject of pride, this wonít end it all.
ďThe bigger they are, the harder they fall.Ē
Saul had risen to be a great king.
All the people, his praises did sing.
That, you see, is a problem, my friend.
For it will lead to a most tragic end.
King Saul was killed along with his son.
David mourned, ďHow are the mighty fallen!Ē*
This story is repeated time and again.
The Bible warns that pride is a sin.
In fact it is number one on Godís ban.
If youíll recall itís how Satan began.
Read Proverbs 6: you canít overlook,
How the first is called, ďA proud look.Ē**
This list is called an abomination.
And this sin we must practice to shun.
For pride is such a treacherous foe,
God put it first, just so we would know.
It creeps into our lives most unaware.
Itís the Devilís main tool in Christian warfare.
* II Samuel 1:19  **Proverbs 6:16-19