By Rev. Dean Beaty 2/14/03
I listened to the words of men,
Condemning me to awful sin
Preachers, who Iím sure meant well.
But they did not Godís truth forth tell.
They taught with fervor and with zest
That only this could be Godís best.
ďThe highest calling ever heard,
To be a preacher of Godís word.Ē
And so I strove to follow them,
That I might be Godís crowning gem.
And whether in the flesh or no
Only God in time will show
So I would be what men declared,
To be the only thing God cared.
Then came the day at Godís bequest.
I could not fill that sacred desk.
My heart felt low with little worth.
I had no purpose on this earth.
If I could not fulfill this quest
Then I could never be Godís best
Oh foolish man that I had been
To listen to the words of men.
For they had led me to pursue
A purpose that was never true.
Does God need men to preach His word?
Does God need men? The thoughts absurd.
Our God has made the body one
Not all can be the lips and tongue.

Our worth is not in where one serves
But that we give what God deserves
Our best, our all, with single heart,
In which the Lord has every part.