By Rev, Dean Beaty  9/23/04


Thou shalt have no gods before thee,

But Jehovah God on high.

Bow thou not to gods or idols,

Unto them do not draw nigh.


Thereís a day that God calls holy,

Keep the Lordís Day set apart.

On this day we join in worship,

Bringing Him our loving heart.


Only use the name of God,

When in worship or in prayer.

For the name of God is holy.

Therefore use His name with care.


To misuse Godís name is sinning.

And thereís nothing to be gained.

For the Lord will not hold guiltless.

Those who take His name in vain.


There is honor due our parents.

In obedience we learn.

They will guide us if we listen.

From their teachings never turn.


It is wrong for men to murder,

And adultery is sin.

Taking what belongs to others,

Often is where sin begins.


Truthfulness must be our manner,

Even when we bare the blame.

Wanting that which is an others,

Eventually will bring us shame.