By Rev. Dean Beaty
There was a veil that kept me out.
Because of sin and shame and doubt.
I had no way to enter in.
I could not go because of sin.
I am so weak and very frail.
I cannot go beyond the veil.
For what can wash my sins away?
No sacrifice I have to lay.
Then on the cross the Savior died.
The way to God was opened wide.
The veil was rent and torn in two.
Now thereís a way for me and you.
Oh, praise God the Savior came.
He bled and died to bare my shame.
He made the way to God for me.
The veil is gone and Christ I see.
On the altar, before Godís throne,
The blood was placed, sin to atone.
No other sacrifice we need.
Jesusí blood our only plea.
There is no veil to keep me out.
My sinís atoned, there is no doubt.
Now I can go before Godís throne.
The way was made by Christ alone
Now as a priest I enter in.
I stand before Him without sin.
The blood of Christ has made me so.
Beyond the veil, I now can go.