By  Dean  Beaty   2/27/08
What was the purpose of the virgin birth,
God sending Christ to be born on this earth?
One, the fulfillment of scriptures of old.
By Isaiah and Micah His birth was foretold.
Not just a virgin, but there is the town,
In Bethlehem only, the child would be found.
Not in a palace as the wise men had thought.
But in a stable as the angel had taught.
There is one more thing the virgin birth’s shown.
The curse upon men, by the father is sown.
God was His father, not by man’s seed.
A savior for Himself, He has no such need.
No old sin nature passed on by a dad.
His line is not tainted, of this I am glad.
There on the cross, as God’s own spotless Lamb.
He is to all men, the one great “I AM.”
What does this all mean to you and to me?
Christ is the Savior who sets all men free.
He is the payment to God for our sin.
To all, who by faith will call upon Him.