By Rev. Dean Beaty  2/25/08


They brought a woman to the Lord who they had caught in sin.

They wanted her condemned by Christ, for they were righteous men.

But Jesus knelt down in the dust and He began to write

The Lord then asked “Which one of you is void of sin’s dread plight?”


We do not know what Jesus wrote upon that dusty sod,

But this is sure that everyone left as condemned by God.

And there she sat before the Lord, what now would be the score?

With tenderness He said these words, “Go and sin no more.”


This is the plight of every man, God could condemn our soul.

But Jesus came to save the lost, forgive and make us whole.

That’s why He died upon the cross and shed His precious blood.

Will you trust Him, and be washed clean, beneath that crimson flood?